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Directory Final 8 7 2021

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Why Education Should Be a Lifelong Process

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Many of us consider the end of our formal schooling to be the end of our education. We leave school, begin our professional careers, and shift our focus away from learning. But growth is a lifelong process, not limited to formal education. Our wisdom accumulates indirectly through life experience. The development of our wisdom can be expedited and expanded by concomitant gains in knowledge.

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Directory Final 8 7 | PDF
Why Education Should Be a Lifelong ProcessPick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement
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Impact of technology on supply chains has been at the center of attention as they have many touch points all over the world which keeps growing as the chains get bigger and more complex. In this article, we will look at new technologies available and their potential application and weigh the benefits and risks of adapting them to increase the competitiveness of your business. Not every new technology will suit your individual business needs.

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